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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Enjoy the Season's Fresh Flavors - Grapefruit Pound Cake

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Grapefruits are literally dripping off the trees in San Diego.  When my friend Lori arrived at the dog park with two shopping bags filled with this tangy fruit, I was simply giddy.  Sharing extra citrus from our trees is a favorite pastime at the local canine play area.  Cindy and Joyce bring beautiful yellow, lemon like limes.  Dennese brings lemons, oranges and avocados from her parent’s grove.  Then my family feasts on a decadent tangerine bumper crop from our backyard tree through early Spring.

When I got my hands on a dozen or so grapefruit, I felt challenged to enjoy them more than just juiced or sliced in half for breakfast.  Then I remembered my January edition of Cooking Light with an intriguing recipe for Grapefruit Pound Cake.  The combination of a modestly rich and moist cake with a sour and slightly bitter essence was irresistible.  It also helped having the cake listed in the “Staff Raves” section for the edition.
 Lori’s grapefruit were the pink version and gave my glaze a rosy blush and a floral flavor.  The pinkish red flesh actually tastes a bit sweeter than the white form and contains lycopene and more vitamins.  The tangy acid and bittersweet freshness of citrus in the winter makes the chilly days bright and bearable.

Here's the recipe: