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Thursday, May 30, 2013

5 Top Ethnic Food Blogs

These are five of my favorite and most original food blogs featuring regional and global cuisine.  It's completely subjective (not based on stats or Alexa scores), however I am sure you will enjoy reading and viewing each one.  All the original pictures featured are taken from the blog.

Sweet Life -  sweetlifebake.com

Sweet Life, written by Vianney Rodriguez, is a captivating and unbelievable collection of Mexican recipes.  Living in San Diego, I have become extremely fond of authentic Mexican food and Vianney helps guide me to traditional yet innovative fare.

Genuine and heart felt stories of her childhood and present day family are entertaining, and no matter what your culture, very relatable.  However the best part of the blog are her Margarita recipes.  Spicy Watermelon, Cranberry and Pumpkin are just a few of the unique flavors.

This Texas girl knows how to cook and celebrate life!

La Tartine Gourmandelatartinegourmande.com

This beautiful blog, based on French cuisine, is authored by Béa a food writer, stylist and photographer based in Boston.  I could seriously just gaze at her charming blog all day long.  Who better to guide you through the immense library of French recipes than a women who grew up in the countryside of Northeastern France?

Even more charming are the comments left in French by natives and sweet blog posts titled http://www.latartinegourmande.com/2013/05/12/la-fete-des-mamans/.  Enjoy this beautiful blog and surrender to the beauty and joys of France.

Steamy Kitchensteamykitchen.com

Does your stir fry and and noodle dishes stand up to authentic restaurant fare?  Are you often disappointed that Chinese take out tastes much better than the recipes you prepare in your kitchen?  Fret no more – just check out Steamy Kitchen.  There are classic Chinese, Asian fusion and good ole American dishes.  They are all fresh, fast and simple (her motto) and have beautiful photography to accompany the recipes.

Jaden Hair is the author and lives with two little boys and a husband that love to eat.  She is a television chef, food columnist and has her own cookbook.  To say I’m a little jealous is an understatement!

Jun - Blog  - blog.junbelen.com

“The photographer Jun Blen is working his way through a stunning alphabet of Fillipino food” – New York Times Diners Journal.
What else can I say?  The photographs are stunning, the recipes authentic and the stories heart felt and relatable to anyone who has been homesick once or twice during their adult life.  Originally from manilla, Jun Blen the creator of this wonderful blog, didn’t arrive in the U.S. until 1998 to attend graduate school.  Constant communication with his Mom, taught him to cook the dishes he loved and missed from his homeland.
Check out his amazing recipe for Pork Adobo.  His Mom taught him well!

Indian Simmerindiansimmer.com

Prerna’s blog grows, matures and develops along side her beautiful three year old daughter.  They are the same age and she even includes fun lunch box recipes which come in very handy in our household (my daughter has spent way too much time watching Food Network and sampling her food blogger Mom’s creations; she is a verifiable gourmet and food snob - no turkey sandwiches for this kid!).
Her two Moms, birth and in-law, are her guiding forces and her Indian recipes are exotic and tantalizing.  Her beautiful photos are an added touch and she has been recognized by Saveur as a top ethnic food site.



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