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Monday, October 29, 2012

Fondant Ghosts - DIY

As Halloween quickly approaches, I contacted my go to friend Cathy for some creative and beautiful Halloween treats.  She usually has some tricks up her sleeves (get it-treats, tricks - OK very corny).  In the past, she has created sushi and popcorn cupcakes, delicate flower sugar cookies and dazzling cupcake bouquets.  Her work is meticulous, skillful and inventive.

On a whim, I called her Friday to see if she had any Halloween specialties I could photograph and share.  A few ghost cupcakes just happened to be lying around her kitchen for a bake sale that evening.  I quickly rounded up my photography gear and headed to her house.

Begin by preparing your favorite vanilla cake adorned with bright royal orange frosting (this harder icing helps keep the ghost in place).  I generally by Wilton fondant at Michael's, as did Cathy ( Or you can venture into making your own fondant with this recipe from Babblings and More.

This is how Cathy cloaked her cupcake with a deliciously creepy fondant ghost:

Roll out Wilton white fondant to about 1/8" thick.  Using a cookie cutter or any round object, cut your circle to the desired circumference.  Drape the white circle over a DumDum lollipop that is stuck in styrofoam.  Let the ghost sit until hardened (up to a day).  Use a black edible marker to make two eye dots.  Stick lollipop in cupcake for a perfect and easy ghost cupcake!

At first cock-crow the ghosts must go, back to their quiet graves below.  Mwahahahaahhaha!!!  Happy Halloween!